Driving in style

Exotic Limo ... spells class

DUBAI Exotic Limo Service provides an exclusive travelling experience for people looking for something extraordinary and unique, by renting out luxurious, custom-designed limousines.

The company was set up by the managing director, Izzat Rustom, who has 18 years of experience in the business in the US, specifically in Los Angeles. “There’s a lack of providers for this service in the Middle East and I wanted to introduce a different concept to the region,” said Rustom. “We are unique in our models, specifications, features and facilities. With this kind of service I am introducing a different concept to the region – travel in style! It’s like booking a suite in a five-star hotel, but you are booking an exotic drive in a car.”
The service is ideal for every occasion, from city tours to weddings, birthdays, proms, meetings, concerts, sporting events and shopping sprees. “Our service is affordable and enjoyable for every family – and we have our special offers in summer,” said Rustom. “We work 24/7, hire highly-qualified drivers and always offer the best quality. Our company’s target is meeting Dubai’s continuous development and be contemporary with every unique development.”
One-way airport transfers cost between Dh250 and Dh500, depending on the limousine. A three-hour ride costs between Dh500 and Dh1,300.
Two years ago, Rustom chose Dubai as his launch venue with an aim of becoming the leading company offering exotic limousine services in the Arab world. Starting with only two limousines, he launched an aggressive campaign for his company’s offerings. “It’s all about entertainment of transportation. It’s not copying from other concepts, but inventing a new concept, and we created the demand.”
Every year, two new limousines are shipped from the US, where the limos are manufactured and assembled, to Dubai. Reaching a fleet of six this year, each limousine has its different style and features, and can be conveniently booked for any special occasion. The fleet includes a Hummer H2, which functions as a moving discotheque with an amazing surround system, and a Hummer H1, called the Adventure Limo, which is the widest limousine in the world, and has a 17-inch plasma TV. The Ford Excursion is the second widest, and features a marble floor. The classy Cadillac Escalade or Presidential Limo has a wooden floor and bar. The Lincoln Tiger is designed like a tiger from the inside, and the Lincoln Tuxedo is for newlyweds. The limousines are between eight and 12 metres long, and each is fitted with TV screens, Playstation, bar and surround system.
Among the celebrities that have booked one of the company’s limousines are Enrique Iglesias, Elton John, Sean Paul, Amitabh Bachchan, Nancy Ajram, Asala Nasri and others. Dubai Exotic Limo Service is also the official limousine company for the DSF and DSS.