Emirates introduces mechanical billboards

Emirates’ billboard ... eyecatching

Emirates, scoring another first in creative advertising visuals, has introduced the concept of mechanical billboards to the UAE and the Middle East.

The new billboard will be seen by more than 150,000 motorists on average each day, said Mike Simon, Emirates’ senior vice-president corporate communications. “Our communication campaigns aim to drive up customer awareness and underline the airline’s creative approach by striving for originality themselves.”
The ingenious billboard was designed not just to reproduce the mini-suite and the movement of its sliding privacy doors, but also to convey the message of a whole new world of comfort and luxury opening up in the sky thanks to Emirates’ efforts. The electrically-operated reinforced aluminium doors replicate the actual ones by opening and closing in slow motion, offering motorists a peek into the newest expression of Emirates’ dedication to a sky-high quality travel experience.
For several days now, drivers battling traffic on Al Qutaeyat Road on their approach to the Garhoud Bridge from the west side of the creek have been treated to a glimpse of luxury through the sliding doors of an oversize Emirates’ Airbus A340-500 First class mini-suite placed on the right side of the road, 30 metres above ground, just before the bridge.
Those who have seen the suite-in-the-sky’s doors alternatively open, closed and half-way between, may be forgiven for wondering which of the views was real and which happened only in their dreams. In fact, all three happen within the complete cycle of just over one minute, from open to closed and back to open. Said Simon, “We’re expecting good exposure again from it because it’s different from anything else and is fast becoming another ‘Have you seen it yet?’ conversational piece. It also happens to be cost-effective - one of our key communications criteria.”