Kontiki comes to Radisson SAS, Kuwait


A NEW Polynesian restaurant opened recently at the Radisson SAS Hotel to add more flavour to its remarkable culinary portfolio.

The Kontiki is a true Polynesian restaurant with an authentic atmosphere combining the mysteries, untold stories and mystical places of the Southern Pacific. Who has not heard tales about the Mutiny on the Bounty, the statues on Easter Islands, Thor Heyerdal or some beautiful white beaches with just few small cottages and their habitants living in harmony with nature? To relive this tales all guests have to do is step into this fascinating restaurant.
Throughout the centuries, Polynesia has always attracted the curiosity of many people as, due to its distant location, news from this part of the world were rare and not always from reliable sources but rather enriched by the tellers with adventurous and mysterious anecdotes. By creating the Kontiki, the hotel aims to bring this part of the world closer to its guests, who may have the chance to unveil some of the secret of this distant land while sipping a drink or biting into some exotic specialty around the table.
The Kontiki’s menu is characterised by international cuisine with delicious dishes from all around the world – its innovative Island cuisine incorporates European, Asian and American cuisines and feature unique Chinese charcoal fired oven items as well as a Teppan table for authentic Japanese live cooking.
The decoration is basically Polynesian, which means very, very light, with a lot of bamboo, palm leaves, banana leaves and rattan. The teak wood bar, the ornately-carved antique door, imported from India, and various individual corners create an atmosphere refined in character where Polynesian lifestyle is presented in a unique setting. Featuring a carefully chosen selection of decorative items and high quality lights, which accentuate the soothing tropical island setting.