Biz-events strives to add value to MICE events

Jackson … ‘we can enhance the corporate message’

INTERACTION specialists biz-events are providing unparalleled team building solutions to the MICE market in the Middle East.

Holding the Middle East franchise for Catalyst UK, who have been designing and developing team events for the MICE market for 13 years, it is reiterating that team building and interaction solutions are often essential to clinching the deal for many properties.
“Clients choosing the Middle East are now demanding team events that meet global standards,” said Hazel Jackson, managing partner of biz-events, on the eve of ATM.  “We recognised the need to provide these services locally and established the biz-events operation last year.”  It is a subsidiary of biz-ability, a training and HR consultancy company operating out of Dubai for the last ten years.
With a head office in Dubai, biz-events provides over 30 different MICE team events. They are all executed by qualified facilitators (English and Arabic), and create high levels of interaction for groups of 12 to 1,000 delegates. Flexible to suit any MICE agenda, the challenges last from 20 minutes to two days, most averaging two-three hours.
They liven up any conference agenda creating interaction and are great as stimuli for early morning networking, after lunch energisers, afternoon break-out sessions or evening themed dinners. Solutions for both indoors and outdoors, ensure all year round suitability, and the Dubai-based team provides a fast, flexible and cost-effective solutions.
Since MICE clients are looking for a return on investment and not just in the tangible benefits, but the impact afterwards on their business, biz-events’ products help build the value of an event and support longevity of a conference message. It specialises in creating interaction. 
“If a message is going to obtain maximum impact the communication needs to be two-way,” add Jackson. “Getting participants involved means that they will understand and remember your message far more than passively telling or showing them.” As such, biz-events can help organisations create interaction in meetings; building buy-in and commitment to action plans.
“In exhibitions, we can create mechanisms and gimmicks to draw the right visitors onto your stand and get them involved with your product or service,” she said. “In conferences and incentives, we can enhance the corporate message, celebrating and achieving as a team and building long-term value through innovate take-home and follow-up tools.”