Sardinia eyes UAE tourism market


Sardinia will be connected with three weekly frequencies from June 22, 2023. Operated by FlyDubai, the direct Dubai to Olbia route, Sardinia’s regional capital, will fly on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Coupled with this, UAE citizens can stay in Italy for up to 90 days visa-free.

Sardinia offers a raft of outdoor activities, cultural experiences and gastronomic tours which showcase the ‘hidden gems’ that the island has to offer. 

Italy has long been a popular destination for UAE tourists looking to escape the desert temperatures in the summer. Currently 2.47 million tourists visit the country every year, with Sardinia taking centre stage through proposals, attractions and areas of outstanding natural beauty.

 From rafting to trekking, from boat excursions to kayaking, and from cycling tours to climbing; the island offers the most exciting outdoor activities in the wildest settings of the western Mediterranean. It is this as well as the country’s enviable location in the central Mediterranean, that makes Sardinia a most sought-after holiday destination.

Sardinia is investing heavily in sustainable development to highlight its ‘eco-tourism’ approach. Its unspoiled nature, extraordinary biodiversity, large natural parks and marine protected areas have positioned it as one of the richest ecosystems in the Mediterranean.

Whilst Sardinia is famed for its beautiful 2,000 km of coastline, stunning beaches, and heavenly spots for surfers, sailors and divers, the destination also has a rich history for tourists to discover. There are countless archaeological treasures, including the mythical nuraghi – dating back more than 3,000 years and recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site – that bears witness to the various chapters of Sardinia’s interesting history.

Moreover, Sardinia is also a paradise for good food. For those in search of a gastronomic tour, the destination is famous for its high-quality raw materials such as its excellent cheeses like pecorino and smoked ricotta.