Bahrain F-1 track plan will boost status


Bahrain is to build a world-class Formula One-standard motor racing track which will enhance its status as a multi-sector tourist destination.

The BD30 million ($82.72 million) track will transform Bahrain into the Middle East's main venue for all forms of car and bike racing, Goys president Shaikh Fawaz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa.

The race track, expected to be ready within two years, will be located in Sakhir to south side of Bahrain University.

The track will be able to host a wide variety of racing activities. Such racing events attract huge crowds from all around and this will further promote tourism in Bahrain, Shaikh Fawaz said.

The track, he said, would include three circuitsÑfor Grand Prix, inner and outer circuits in addition to a drag track.