Egypt looks toward bright future


Egypt is optimistic that the tourism boom that it has witnessed since July will continue for a long period.

“Egypt’s tourism industry really suffered in 2001 after the events of September 11. We began our recovery around June last year,” Egypt Minister for Tourism Mamdouh El Beltalgui said.

“We have launched strong campaigns to bring back the tourists to our historical country. Egypt is a stable country, which is peaceful and safe for tourists.

“After September 11, Egypt suffered due to the link between terrorism and Arabs. This was completely wrong. Only Muslims were targeted. Calling everyone a terrorist is wrong.

“We have one message to all. We are a friendly nation with friendly people. We are peaceful.

“We have diversity in people which helps us to accept other people.
“We have played a major role in promoting peace in the world.
We have been playing a key role in promoting peace between the Palestinians and Israelis.

The minister urged tourists from Europe and the US to visit Egypt and witness its deep-rooted civilisation.

“Every time I go to the Pyramids, I view it with a different perspective,” he said.
El Beltalgui said that tourists from the US only rose by one per cent in 2002.
“We launched a mini campaign in the US in July to promote Egypt as a safe destination. We are hoping to launch a bigger campaign soon.”