Airline gets on the Web


Air Arabia, UAE’s third national airline and the first no-frills airline in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, unleashes a new concept of air travel to the region focused on online booking and value for money travelling, with the first flight at the end of October.

“Air Arabia introduces a new business model to the region which has proven successful throughout the world. Our overriding objective is to provide safe, efficient and cost effective means of travel from Sharjah International Airport to points in the Middle East,” said Adel Ali, Air Arabia CEO.

“We envisage creating an airline that will grant citizens of this region the chance to enjoy the benefits of low fares, ease of booking and transparency of service,” he added.
The inspiration behind the airline’s name came from the underlying vision of creating an airline that will bridge the gap between the people of this region.

“The aviation industry in the Arab world goes back 70 years, and is solely constituted of national country airlines. We wanted to be the first Arabic airline to provide affordable travel to all the people of the region,” commented Adel.

The red and white corporate colours of the airline match those of Sharjah International Airport, Air Arabia’s base of operation.
Air Arabia decided to continue this theme with a white seagull on the airplane’s red tail. Air Arabia is distinguished through its online booking service, which can be accessed on the following website:

  • Air Arabia has announced the appointment of its Public Relations (PR) consultancy to launch their differentiated airline business model.
    Gambate! Communications Consultants (Gambate!), a diverse PR consultancy driven by a multi-lingual team of media professionals, will be leading the PR Strategy aimed at communicating Air Arabia’s focus on online booking and value for money travelling.
    “Our new partners, Gambate!, bring a unique and complementary set of talents to Air Arabia’s team of expertise. With the right creative thinking and a perpetual client focus, we believe that Air Arabia will revolutionise regional travel,” announced Adel Ali, Air Arabia’s CEO.
    “The fit in terms of people, professionalism and market vision is just incredible. Not only are we confident in the distinguished services we will offer, but we know that we have chosen the right communication experts and channels,” he added.
    “Following the success of similar airline models in other parts of the world, it is our honour to be working with Air Arabia. The entire team is delighted to be associated with the determined leadership,” said Renee Harper-Ardrey, Gambate! founder & CEO.
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