Jebel Ali International Hotels proposes expansion


Having established itself as one of the leading hotel groups, Jebel Ali International Hotels recognises that the UAE hospitality industry is growing rapidly and still has room for additional growth.

The relatively young company is constantly reviewing and is  in discussions regarding different ventures within the market.
Locally, Jebel Ali International Hotels are looking into three further development projects that will allow them to remain at the forefront of the hospitality industry.

Opportunities for Jebel Ali International Hotels to extend their expertise and tradition of hospitality and excellence outside of Dubai have also been addressed. Four potential expansion projects are currently being reviewed and assessed.

A spokesman says, “Jebel Ali International Hotels is known for providing its guests with the best service and great facilities.

“We are extremely dedicated to ensuring that while looking at any expansion, we do not overlook the needs of our current hotels in order to meet the expectations of our guests, one of which is the refurbishment of the Ibn Majed Coffee shop in the Jebel Ali Hotel, taking place in the summer of 2004.”