Sharjah backs GCC roadshow for tourism


The government of Sharjah has put its weight behind a GCC roadshow, designed to stimulate regional in-bound tourism to the emirate over the summer months.

The roadshow, organised by Sharjah Commerce Tourism and Development Authority (SCTDA), will feature the government of Sharjah, as well as Sharjah International Airport, a travel agency and the leading five hotels in the emirate.

The bullish move comes at a time when the GCC market is a captive audience, according to Mohamed Al Noman, director of SCTDA. He said: "Traditionally, the summer months are a time for many GCC residents to travel to the Far East and to Europe.

"However, we believe this is a perfect time to showcase the offering of Sharjah to the region. We have everything from culture, to beaches, to sporting attractions - all in a family-friendly, culturally-sensitive environment.

"The purpose of the roadshow is to build awareness of Sharjah's unique offering to tour operators around the region. We have set the target of achieving a five per cent growth in tourism from last year."