Swiss hotel eyes Middle East tourists


Seiler Hotels and Riffelalp Resort 2222m, the hotel consortium in Zermatt, Southern Switzerland, is initiating a new drive to entice Middle East visitors this summer by introducing their five properties to the regional travel trade and leisure travellers at ATM.

The hotel group, based in the mountain range that includes one of the world's most famous peaks, the Matterhorn, will be launching a series of attractive special summer packages to attract visitors already travelling to one of the Swiss cities during the summer, as well as attracting new visitors to the country.

The consortium's marketing director and director of the Seiler Hotel Monte Rosa, Martin Sonderegger, said that: "Middle East travellers have traditionally favoured Geneva and Zurich as top summer escape destinations for their cool climate, beautiful settings and easy access to the rest of Europe. Now we want to encourage these visitors to go beyond the cities and explore more of what Switzerland has to offer in summertime."

The village of Zermatt lies in the Swiss Alps at over 1600 metres above sea level, near the Italian border, four hours from Zurich and three hours from Geneva. Home to the four Seiler Hotels and the Riffelalp Resort 2222m, the village offers Middle East families access to the best of the great Swiss outdoors, and The Matterhorn.

Visitors can explore the summertime mountains and nature which surround Zermatt in a multitude of ways - hiking, mountain biking, using one of the 18 cableways and ski lifts that operate throughout the summer or taking a helicopter ride to get the ultimate bird's-eye view.

The high altitude mountain areas (over 3,800 metres) can even be explored on skis as the area offers 21 kilometres of well-marked and safe summertime pistes during most of July and August.

The Seiler group of hotels consists of four alpine properties each located centrally within the village of Zermatt but each with their own unique selling points.

Guests can choose from the Hotel Mont Cervin and Residence, which offers luxurious accommodation and facilities as well as 15 private apartments; The Hotel Monte Rosa, with all its historical interiors and old world charm; Hotel Schweizerhof, ideal for food lovers and night-owls alike and The Hotel Nicoletta, which has excellent facilities for families including special mealtimes and menus for kids.

The consortium also includes the Riffelalp Resort 2222m, the highest altitude five-star hotel in Europe.