Management the Safir way


Since it started operations in the State of Kuwait, Safir International Hotel Management has been providing owners of hotels and resorts with professional operational management expertise. Pro-active management, tight cost controls and the consistent provision of state-of-the-art customer services - in keeping both with concept design and the requirements of our target markets - have positioned Safir International Hotel Management at the forefront of the hotel management field," Stated Faisal Al Hajji, chairman and managing director of Safir International Hotel Management.

Safir has 26 hotels and resorts under its umbrella in the Arabian Gulf, Middle East and Africa; some of them are still under construction. From the experience gained in managing luxury and first class hotels, resorts and tourism development projects internationally, Safir's team of specialists has ensured professional and cost effective support to the new hotel projects in Kuwait and the region.

"Our commitment to providing excellence in both service and return on investment are essential tools in today's demanding and increasingly competitive hospitality sector. Safir has increased the average occupancy in its hotels dramatically even after the reflection of the 11 of September crisis, by creating special campaigns to promote Safir Hotels & Resorts worldwide and by active contribution and participation in international events and festivals," said Hajji.

"In particular, Safir has been dynamic in promoting the Annual Hala February Festival and Chaîne Des Rôtisseurs in Kuwait. It is through this commitment that Safir is able to cover the full range of diverse leisure and business market segments from Europe, USA and the Gulf region."