Fair going for one-year-old Fairmont


One year on from opening and The Fairmont Dubai reports continued full occupancy of its 115 apartments and three floors of office space according to Offices & Residence manager, Jacqui Mackay.

"The 80,000 odd square feet of office space is now home to tenants working in a broad range of industries including publishing, dentistry, interior design and destination marketing to name but a few", she said.

One such tenant is Lisa Halpin, managing director of Signature Business Services, a suite of serviced offices within the office complex itself, providing dedicated space and support for small businesses, who are not looking to lease their own permanent space.

A Fairmont offices success story, Signature filled its space within three months of operation and now five months down the line has a client mix comprising short and long term lets, again covering a wide range of industries and nationalities from UK real estate sales and environmental clean-up services to training consultants and security experts.