Sahara looks to 'sixers in air' to lure tourists from the Middle East


Private airline Air Sahara has launched the 'Sixers in the Air' scheme to lure Middle East travellers visiting India.

An official said that first time visitors to India, jet-setting tourists, NRIs, and business travellers would benefit from the programme.

The new programme, which is a six-coupon ticket, has just been launched in the Middle East.

"This unique travel option offering one price for any sector will usher in a new era in travel within India," said Alok Sharma, vice-president of corporate strategy and commercial, Air Sahara.

The programme is expected to be a success in the global market because of the flexibility it offers, Sharma said.

The series of coupons are available for 90, 180 and 360 days' validity. They cost for economy class $599, $699 and $799 respectively, and for business class $799, $899 and $999 respectively.

More than 100,000 coupons have been used so far since the July launch of the programme in India.

The privately-owned airline has introduced the programme in the Middle East because of the large market of Indian expatriates.

It plans to roll out the programme in the US in January and then release it in Europe, the Far East and Australia.