Dusit Dubai introduces upselling


The Dusit Dubai has implemented the first ever hotel upselling programme in the Gulf region.

This programme, designed to provide an effective approach to proactive upselling in the front office and the reservations department equips staff to better meet the needs of every guest by recognising and responding to individual requirements and presenting all available options for maximum satisfaction.

The Atrium at the Dusit Dubai.

A spokesperson for TSA, the company responsible for the upselling programmes, commented that the upselling programme implemented by the Dusit Dubai, is the number one programme of its kind in Dubai and the Middle East.

"The Dusit Dubai is the first hotel to implement the upselling programme in the Gulf region and we are pleased to say that the success of the programme has driven incremental revenues and profitability for the hotel in the first three months alone and contributed significantly to the ARR and yield boosting bottom line profit margins," commented Michael P Tiplady, GM, Dusit Dubai.