Return to the Emerald Forest

Forest call ... The route of the Explorer as it tracks the wonders of the South American continent.

It's large, green and Sting can't help but try to save it...welcome to the Amazon. And now

Abercrombie & Kent are ready to take you up the proverbial creek and into a land that only

your friendly local environmentalist claims to know.

The Amazon has long captured the hearts of explorers, nature-lovers and in many cases loggers; now in 2003 Abercrombie & Kent will launch its new itinerary. In Spring 2003 the ship Explorer adds four itineraries to her historic logbook, spanning South America, from the Falklands in the South to the Caribbean in the North.

Following her season in the Antarctic, Explorer will begin her new itineraries in the Falkland Islands, home to the rockhopper penguin, then continue along the pristine and spectacular fjords of western Chile, stopping en route to visit the mystical Nazca Lines and the Atacama Desert, before heading north to Peru and Ecuador to examine Incan cultures. Explorer then traverses the continent by way of the historic Panama Canal, and enters the southern Caribbean for an exploration of tropical rainforests and unique wildlife, before continuing to the mighty Amazon.

This unique collection of voyages, spanning more than 5,000 miles and 64 degrees of latitude, follows the path of the Humboldt current and bears witness to some of the world's most spectacular scenery, prolific wildlife and most fascinating history and culture.

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