DSF 2003 looks set to be the biggest festival yet

One world, one festival ... DSF 2003 will see tourist and residents unite in 32-days of revelry.

Every year the Middle East and Gulf region along with the rest of the world wait with bated breath for what is arguable the biggest shopping festival in the world. The Dubai Shopping Festival 2003 promises to be bigger and better than ever before. And not only is it going to dwarf past festivals in its sheer pomp and magnitude, but DSF 2003 has taken what to many would be logistical nightmare and turned it into a well-oiled splendour machine.

With more than 300 events to suit all tastes and fancy people will flock from all over the world to be part of a fiesta that resonates its motto: 'One World, One family'.

Starting on the 15th of this month DSF 2003 will span 32 days and showcase a jazz festival, street carnivals, fashion shows, educational activities, raffle draws and amazing deals for the avid shopper.

The famous Global Village is bigger than ever and all traffic problem faces by the 2002 event have been ironed out with easy access to the entertainment and cultural centre assured.

Dubai will be lit up like the night sky with streets and bridges adorned by the festival logos and lights.

What better way to kick-off the new year than with a trip amidst the lights and revelry of what promises to be the best shopping festival yet. And in light of that TTN has brought out a special feature dedicated solely to DSF 2003. If you can't wait turn straight to Pg 7 and Let the festivities begin....