Post 9-11, Bahrain 'key regional hub for investment'


Bahrain has become an extremely attractive investment destination, particularly in the post-September 11 era, says an international Arab consultant.

As the focus on regional business and tourism grows, Bahrain is poised to regain its status as the pre-eminent business hub, said Louie Beck Group for consulting and commercial representation chairman Louie Beck.

His group, in partnership with Bahrain-based Prince International, is moving its headquarters to Bahrain, from Dubai.

"The political reforms in Bahrain are going a long way in enhancing security and stability issues, which are critical to investor confidence," said Beck, who returned to Dubai after his five-day visit.

"The focus has now shifted to the regional level, from the international, both in terms of tourism and investment," said Beck.

As such, countries like Bahrain have much to gain and should make every effort to cash in on the new opportunities opening up, he said.

"We are particularly interested in tourism-related opportunities and in manufacturing, particularly the food industry," said Beck.

"Tourists want to travel within the region now and this is good for our economies."