Oman Air gets ready for long haul flights with new study


Oman Air has launched a study to determine the viability of long-haul destinations in the Far East and London, for the airline.

Oman Aviation Services Company (OAS) said the consultants had already made initial presentation to the company's board.

The airline is also in the process of widening its network to offering greater connectivity within and outside the region.

OAS, which posted a net loss of RO2.6 million ($6.7 million) last year, is closely monitoring Oman Air passenger yields, which are under pressure, to ensure maximum possible contribution to its revenues.

In the long run, if the airline can secure additional seats on Indian routes the expansion will favourably impact its profitability.

Operations to Karachi in July with increased number of flights have improved timings and ensuring greater connectivity.

A new route to Cairo has opened in July and operations to Colombo started last month.

The airline has already started operations to Zanzibar, Dar-Es-Salam and Mombassa in East Africa, and to Beirut.

It has also upgraded the service on Doha and Dubai routes with jet operations.