Bahrain hotel company to open resort in Zanzibar


A Bahrain hotel chain will open a new five-star resort in Zanzibar early next year.

Bahrain Hotels Company's (BHC) new chief executive officer Aqeel Raees said the 100-chalet Ocean Paradise Resort will be the company's first overseas property.

It is part of a joint venture between the BHC and Bahrain-based Paradise Realty Holding Company.

"Work crews are putting the final touches on the resort's support facilities," said Raees.

"We expect everything to be completed by the end of the year and will be open for business early next year.

"It will be one of Zanzibar's premier beach resorts."

Raees said the Ocean Paradise Resort sports its East African influence in style and architecture.

He admitted that project construction has run into a few glitches, but that everything is now on schedule.

Raees said he expected some Gulf Hotel executives to be transferred to the resort.

He added that the Zanzibar venture is the first of several being planned by BHC.