Lausanne woos GCC tourists

Lausanne on the shores of Lake Geneva

Lausanne Tourism has announced that the city will host more than 400 events in the summer season in order to provide an exciting experience for international tourists and guests that will visit Lausanne. On the side lines of ATM, Lausanne Tourism also signed a global sales agreement (GSA) with Dnata Travel.

GCC project director, Walter Loser, said, 'The time between June to September is an exciting one for us considering we are launching ‘Charlie Chaplin World’, where entertainment and culture will meet. Additionally, we are set to open the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. During the Rio De Janeiro Olympics 2016, a large number of visitors are expected at the museum to attend the promotional events such as art shows, musical nights and viewing parties which will be hosted there.'

The year 2016 is an important one for the city as the much awaited five-star Royal Savoy Hotel that lies across 1,500 square metres of plush land has opened.

'Lausanne prepares to welcome families from all over the world, including the UAE and the GCC region, from where a majority of tourists come from. Visitors will be thrilled to participate at the events that have been organised in order to give them a taste of the classic Swiss tradition and culture. The elaborate strategy undertaken by Lausanne will ensure a boost in tourism in the city. We predict a 30 per cent increase in the number of tourists from the UAE and the GCC region alone,' added Loser.

'We aim to target families considering our events and programs are family friendly and cater exclusively to the needs of children. We will make the program list available to all travel agencies of the UAE and the GCC region shortly. Additionally, Lausanne will provide a brochure that will enumerate the different sites that should not be missed by tourists. Lausanne has 67 hotels that can accommodate more than 3,900 families. Currently Lausanne holds an annual occupancy rate of 86 per cent. Statists project a massive increase in tourism within Lausanne from the Gulf region.'


Lausanne by numbers

400    summer events
30pc  projected increase in GCC customers this year
86pc  annual hotel occupancy currently