Focus on Thai wellness

Suranat ... promoting health tourism

APART from its golden beaches and exotic islands, Thailand is a highly sought-after destination for medical tourism amidst Arab travellers. As well as health and wellness treatment programmes offered by highly qualified health experts across specialised hospitals, major and minor surgeries, cosmetics and dental care, the kingdom also promotes its many spa and wellbeing centres.

Chalermsak Suranat, director of Tourism Authority of Thailand Dubai and Middle East office says: “GCC tourists are Thailand’s major target in terms of medical tourism. Thailand hospitals feature 24-hour nursing care, and staff are experienced in assisting foreign patients, with more than 30 hospitals employing specialised English speaking staff and many providing translators in a wide variety of foreign languages, including Arabic.”

Some of the most popular medical treatments in Thailand include cosmetic surgical procedures, such as liposuction, facelifts, chin augmentation and cheek implants. Dermatology, dental and anti-aging treatments are also popular amongst tourists while natural healing and alternative therapies are growing popular amongst tourists. Other advantages that the country offers are cost effective treatments and ease with which appointments can be arranged.

Suranat adds: “TAT continues to develop products and services to meet the needs and demands of the tourist seeking medical treatment. With growing popularity and recognition of Thailand’s quality medical tourism industry we expect the future for medical tourism in Thailand to becoming brighter.”

The Tourism Authority of Thailand constantly conducts road shows and seminars in the GCC where representatives from hospitals can meet directly with health professionals and travel agents specialised in medical tourism to provide them with up to date information on their services and products.