Diplomatic dining


BAHRAIN’S popular Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence and Spa is offering a special iftar deal during the Holy Month with a traditional iftar buffet at just BD10+ ($26.5+) per person. 

Starting at sunset each evening it will combine the freshest local ingredients with the unique tastes of traditional Arabic hospitality at the property’s Olivos restaurant.

On offer will be a selection of fresh dates and refreshing juices as well as  hot and cold mezzeh with a selection of more than 30 different salads, home-baked breads, shawarma and fresh crisp falafel. Add to this a wide variety of hot dishes including traditional Arabic ouzi, thareed,  harees and a delectable  array of tasty Arabic desserts such as um ali, kunafa and mahalabiya followed by fresh ghawa or red tea whilst enjoying a game of backgammon, carom  or cards.

For those wishing to enjoy a late evening get together with friends and family a wide option of ghabga packages is also available and the hotel will soon announce its special Eid deals.