Body scan shock for aiport police


Dubai airport police monitoring the baggage x-ray machine got a shock last month when their screen lit up with the image of a human skeleton instead of the usual baggage.

They immediately shut down the machine to find out what was wrong, a report said.

What they saw was beyond their imagination - a man stuck inside the machine amid a row of suitcases.

According to airport sources, personnel on duty in the departures lounge took the man out of the machine and rushed him to the airport clinic where he was thoroughly examined for any adverse effect of the incident.

The Somali national, identified as Artine W, was transiting Dubai on his way to Qatar.

The man claimed that he had entered the machine thinking that all passengers had to go through a security check with their luggage before boarding the plane.

The airport source said that the policeman on duty at the security gate was busy with another passenger and did not notice the Somali passenger lying on the belt.