Travel tips


  • Purchase trip/vacation interruption insurance

    CruiseCare Cancellation and Passenger Protection Program is worth the nominal investment.

  • Review your cruise documents in advance for important guidelines and travel tips.

  • Prior to leaving home, call the airline - or check their website for flight arrival/departure information.

  • Be at the airport early - 2 hours or more unless local circumstances dictate allowing a longer time. Security screenings take additional time.

  • Minimise carry-on luggage or be prepared to have them searched and suspicious items confiscated (nail files, scissors/clippers, etc).

  • Make sure luggage is clearly tagged with the completed coloured bag-tags provided with your documents.

  • Make sure necessary medical items are with you rather than in checked luggage.

  • Make sure you have your passport and other travel identification on your person - not in checked
  • Lower the stress level of "getting to the ship on-time" by arranging a pre-cruise land package. Consider coming in a day early - especially when flying a long distance to the cruise.

  • Expect delays and longer lines - and be pleasantly surprised if they are not that bad.

  • Be patient - once onboard your cruise, you will have a fantastic time!

    Courtesy: Royal Caribbean

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