Veteran heads Sheraton Cairo


Leading hotelier, Ismail Sidki, is the new general manager of the landmark property, Sheraton Cairo Hotel and Towers.

The appointment marks a return to the same hotel where the industry veteran started his distinguished career more than 30 years ago.

"I certainly have a soft spot for this very special property," said Sidki.

"This hotel has changed the entire social fabric of Cairo nightlife, entertainment, fine dining - you name it. So many modern breakthroughs in the hospitality industry in Egypt came via this hotel."

For many years the 660-room Sheraton Cairo located on the West Bank of the Nile was the flagship of Cairo's hotel scene.

Sidki said multi-million-dollar renovations are returning the property to "the days when every day in this hotel was like New Year".

"This is one of the finest Starwood (Sheraton's parent company) hotels in the Middle East. It's held in such high regard throughout the region. We're particularly popular with the Gulf family and business travellers as well as the Jordanian, Lebanese and Moroccan markets."

Sidki is well known in the Gulf following stints at leading hotels in Riyadh and Dubai. He was the first general manager of Sheraton's Riyadh property, and was area general manager for Sheraton hotels in Morocco until his latest appointment.