Kuwait pins high hopes on new tourism plan

Al Anjari … confident

Kuwait’s information minister Anas Al Rashaid said that the country has drawn up a tourism strategy for the coming 20 years.

The new tourism plan is the result of the efforts of and cooperation from national, international, government and non-government bodies.
“The methodology adopted while preparing this study is not just the centre of pride for all sectors of the ministry of information, but it is now an example to follow on how to devise national development plans,” Al Rashaid said. He hoped that this study would help draw up a prosperous future for tourism which takes into consideration the country’s age-old traditions and legacy without losing sight of modern-day developments with state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure matching international standards.
Minister of planning and state minister for administrative development Maasouma Al Mubarak added, “Kuwait has access to the first base for the prerogatives and indices on the tourism developments in the country and future prospects, in addition to the first integrated vision on how to set the infrastructure for tourism that goes in line with the economic and human developments.” She said this is the first time a long-term tourism plan is incorporated in the state’s five-year-plan. Assistant information undersecretary for the tourism sector Nabila Al Anjari pointed out that this achievement was made possible due to the assistance from the ministry of planning as well as the committee comprising of 27 members who represent the government and the private sector. Highlighting the recommendations of the new plan, Al Anjari said she was confident that it will lead the country into a new era of prosperity.