Byblos resort raises the bar in luxury

The pool at Eddé Sands

Eddé Sands Hotel and Wellness Resort has greatly contributed to Byblos, Lebanon, becoming a major tourist destination  ranking among the most renowned attractions of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Designed and landscaped on a sprawling 100,000-m-sq piece of land with an exceptional setting at the foot of the Byblos Citadel, the resort was constructed using local sandstones to conserve and showcase the area’s historic surroundings. Even the décor of the rooms has relied on local crafts to give an authentic Lebanese flavor.

Open all year round, Eddé Sands is a unique five-star oasis, where guests can comfortably combine business with leisure in a setting imbued with Lebanese culture and a spirit of wellness. In addition to its nine deluxe rooms, eight bungalows, 10 cabanas, and the 28-room hotel, the resort offers guests four pools, six restaurants and a Tropical Spa, which includes Ayurvedic massage treatments, making it the ideal place for a peaceful escape. Face and body care with natural Lebanese and Indian products also provide an exceptional sense of well-being and are provided by a team of Lebanese and Indian professionals.

With its fine cuisine, trendy poolside bars and exceptional entertainment, Eddé Sands offers a complete getaway experience amid the backdrop of breathtaking Byblos.

“Locals, expatriates and tourists from across the globe are drawn to the spectacular seaside resort to luxuriate in a safe haven of serenity and comfort,” says a hotel spokesman.

“Setting Eddé Sands apart is its irrefutable reputation of providing unsurpassed personalised round-the-clock quality service. It is this pioneering spirit of excellence along with a well-tested innovative approach and unique facilities that has allowed Eddé Sands to raise the bar in the hospitality sector.

“Some places have a soul – Eddé Sands is one of them. Even if you have never visited before, once you arrive for the first time, you will feel as if you’ve come home.”