Anglers to tread softly


VISITORS travelling to New Zealand to fish ought to be aware that new regulations banning fishers and anglers from using felt soled wading boots came into effect on October 1 this year.
Although felt soles are popular with anglers for safety reasons (prevents slipping), they are difficult to clean and can carry pests such as didymo, a type of fresh water algae, from one waterway to another, according to Fish and Game New Zealand, an angler and game bird hunter organisation.
The organisation, which has a statutory mandate to manage New Zealand’s fresh water sports fish fisheries and game bird hunting, stressed that visiting anglers bringing in any equipment should ensure it is clean and dry, and when in the country to maintain the ‘check, clean, dry’ rule for all of their equipment when moving from one waterway to the next. Water born pests can be spread by using clothing and equipment in more than one waterway.
Tourists will be subject to compliance checks by Fish and Game New Zealand rangers and the use of felt soles will be an offence under the ‘using unauthorised tackle or gear’ category of the Anglers Notice. New Zealand has some of the most beautiful lakes, rivers and streams in the world, attracting about 30,000 international visitors mostly from the United States, United Kingdom and Australia during June this year.
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