Easing Dubai airport’s summer exodus

DUBAI International Airport is this summer expecting to experience its busiest period since the opening of Sheikh Rashid Terminal in 2000, handling 20 per cent more passengers than at the same time last year. More than 11 million people are expected to stream through the airport, which saw more than nine million passengers in 2007 in the same period.
Since June and until August Dubai Airports introduced initiatives to ease passengers through the process.
Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports said, “This year’s summer rush will be the busiest period in the airport’s history.  We have put in place a range of measures designed to maintain the smooth running of the airport during the peak period.  These include having extra staff available to help our customers quickly and efficiently through the check-in and arrival processes. 
“Everyone at Dubai Airports is committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers despite the challenges presented by the high volume of people travelling in the coming weeks.” 
To complement its new initiatives, Dubai Airports unveiled Travel Tips for Smart Travellers to help passengers help themselves and their fellow travellers to proceed speedily through the airport.
“We are proud of Dubai being one of the world’s fastest growing airports and we are investing significantly in additional facilities to accommodate the growth in passenger volumes. The new Terminal 3 facilities will alleviate the annual challenge of the summer rush in future years.  For the time being, we would ask everyone to follow a series of smart tips which save time and ease travel,” said Griffiths.
 This year’s summer rush is expected to be the last peak travel period for the existing facilities of Dubai International. The process of testing and commissioning all the processes and procedures for the airport’s new Terminal 3 is in progress and, in the coming months, Emirates Airline flights will begin to transition gradually from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3. 
 Among the Smart Tips for Smart Travellers are: avoid congestion at the airport by saying goodbye to loved ones at home; use online check-in facilities or use the self service check in kiosks in the departures hall; passengers with baggage to be checked in can make use of the quick baggage drop counters; purchase an e-Gate card; 
Make sure each piece of baggage is within the 32kgs allowance (expect to be charged for baggage in excess of the regulatory limit); ensure liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs)are in a clear re-sealable plastic bag; place metal objects including a watch, jewellery, mobile phone, coins - into your hand luggage well before you arrive at the X-ray machines; and finally, leave a minimum of three hours for check in and passport control.