Travelport and WTTC form strategic partnership


TRAVELPORT Limited, the parent company of the Travelport group of companies, announced that has entered into a strategic partnership with The World Travel & Tourism Council’s (WTTC) Tourism for Tomorrow Awards.

These awards were set up in 1989 by the Federation of Tour Operators to encourage action from all sectors of the industry to protect the environment and to recognise and promote the world's leading examples of best practice in responsible tourism development.
The partnership reinforces Travelport’s commitment to develop technological advances that will bring travel to the masses and facilitate travel to and from emerging markets, while at the same time, addressing society's growing demand for travel and the need to mitigate the negative impacts associated with carbon emissions. Travelport believes that facing this formidable challenge of balancing an eco-friendly approach while pursuing mass travel will be the driving force to create a more peaceful and tolerant society.
“It is an honour to sponsor an event that affirmsTravelport’s commitment to develop innovative technologies that optimise the potential for mass travel and expand the travel sector globally.  As a provider of travel services worldwide, we are cognisant of the issues related to responsible travel and are committed to doing our part to preserve the environment,” said Jeff Clarke, president and CEO of Travelport.
 “Our sponsorship of the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards emphasises our pledge to promote growth in the industry and is a testament to our desire to support and lead travel industry initiatives which address global environmental issues.”
WTTC president Jean-Claude Baumgarten added, “On behalf of all WTTC members, we are very pleased to have formed a partnership with Travelport for the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards. Technological development has been a driving force behind the success and expansion of the travel and tourism industry, enabling a better understanding of consumers and their needs.
“However, with this growth comes responsibility, and travel and tourism companies must act as a catalyst for improving life, protecting the environment and supporting cultural diversity, all the while, demonstrating ‘financial viability’. This matter is at the very heart of Travelport as well as the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards”.
The awards ceremony took place during the Gala Dinner of the 8th Global Travel and Tourism Summit on April 21, 2008 in Dubai.  As part of the partnership Clarke, along with Salah Sharaf of the Sharaf Travel Group, the official sponsor of the gala dinner, gave an address to guests.