Hilton Taba works to bring in the tourists

The Hilton Taba resort

The Hilton Taba Resort has been promoting the Taba area as one of the most significant in Egypt, according to a statement.

A hotel release quoted general manager Ziad Tantawy: “Hilton Hotels and Resorts in general, and Hilton Taba in particular, play an important role in promoting Taba. The Hilton Taba Resort implemented different advertising campaigns and marketing offers inside Egypt and abroad for this purpose through the website”
The group created a variety of packages, as well as offering information about the region, in a bid to increase the number of foreign visitors to the area, the statement said. 
With the assistance of the Hilton Taba, the multinational chain expects to push external tourism through European charter flights, internal tourism from within Egypt, and the short holiday and weekend tourists from around the Middle East.
The hotel promotes destinations in Taba by organising trips from the resort to these places, added Tantawy.
“The Hilton Taba Resort has a special importance and it is well known in different markets in Western and Eastern Europe, neighbouring countries and of course in Egypt. Thus, the tourists' nationalities differ from one season to another and from a month to the other from several places around the world; such as England, Egypt, Russia, Israel, and Poland,” Tantawy said, referring to the various nationalities visiting the hotel.
Among those countries targeted are various European markets such as Italy, Ukraine, and Germany, as well as reaching out to Arabs, particularly Jordanians.
The Hilton Taba Resort consists of 400 rooms, suits, and Nelson chalets. All have a direct view on the Red Sea, swimming pools and Red Sea Mountains. The hotel has just completed an extensive refurbishment. “We estimated that renovations and developments to the main building was more than EGP80 million ($14.1 million),” he said.
The Hilton Taba Resort is deeply keen on meeting the needs of all its guests, whatever their nationalities, through offering a variety of sports and entertainment activities, he added. These include a 500-metre-long sandy beach with exceptional corals; swimming pools overlooking the Red Sea; various water and land sports including diving, tennis, basketball, beach volleyball and billiards; a Kids’ club; various entertainment programmes and excursions for guests.
by Clark Kelly