Turkey promotes geothermal tourism


Mustafa Buyuk, the Turkish culture and tourism ministry undersecretary, has said that hundreds of thousands of tourists are flocking to Turkey for health reasons.

According to the undersecretary, Anatolia is the prime European location for geothermal potential and this is likely to be a boon to anyone with investment property in Turkey as it could mean more opportunities to rent out a home or sell it on for a higher price.
”Turkey ranks seventh in the world and first in Europe in terms of geothermal potential as it is home to more than 1,500 geothermal resources with chemically rich thermal waters,” Buyuk said as the country aims to become the world's top geothermal destination by 2023, AMEInfo reports. ”A total of 500,000 tourists come to Turkey for health tourism [each year] and a growing number of patients from around the world prefer the health institutions in Turkey.”
In addition, the tourism undersecretary said that people are arriving in Turkey for more modern medical reasons, owing to the country's fully modern hospital facilities. ”Surgical operations performed by the world renowned Turkish surgeons with modern methods cost much less than those performed in Europe and the USA," he said.