A brand new Seychelles


Unveiling its new branding at the ATM will be the Seychelles, in a bid to showcase the country’s beauty and diversity, on top of what many consider to be the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The new brand features a colourful new logo along with the slogan ‘another world’ to convey the uniqueness of Seychelles, an archipelago of some 115 granite and coral islands in the Indian Ocean.
“Because of our incredible beaches, we are often pegged as only a tropical beach destination,” said Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, the chairman and CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board. “This new brand truly reflects the diversity of Seychelles and the range of great natural attractions and activities to see and experience here, in addition to the unmatched beauty of our beaches.”
STB is also hoping to better convey the magic and mystery surrounding Seychelles as the only mid-ocean granitic – and most ancient – islands in the world, meaning they are essentially the highest peaks of a submerged continent millions of years ago. Ergo, about 50 per cent of the islands’ landmass has been declared protected reserves.
While Seychelles has had a strong niche in the Middle East for its exclusive and opulent five-star resorts, the board has also made a marketing push for its more affordable hotels and guest houses, which often go overlooked but provide a sound alternative for price-conscious travellers.
The Middle East travel market for Seychelles has seen a tremendous upswing of travellers since 2005, when both Emirates and Qatar Airways began operations to the archipelago. The increased air capacity and growing interest has catapulted the region to become one of the islands’ top markets outside of Europe, with more than 4,500 travellers visiting the archipelago per annum and growing.