SPA industry market intelligence organisation Intelligent Spas ( offers a completely independent view of the spa industry, meaning all research is self-funded and consulting studies are not conducted for individual businesses.

The company collects industry information which neither spas nor consultants nor associations would be able to gather due to confidentiality issues. By publishing the results, the intelligence is available at a fraction of the cost of attempting to gather the data in any other way.

From Intelligent Spas’ Spa Industry Survey Asia 2003:
• 93 per cent of respondents look for a spa resort or day spa when travelling
• 85 per cent of respondents stated pure relaxation was the main reason for taking a spa vacation.
• Pampering and detoxification where other common reasons.
• Holistic exercises and skin/body education were preferred at resort spas by 56 per cent and 52 per cent of respondents, respectively.
• Over half of the respondents (51 per cent) also preferred water therapies.
• Alternative therapies were mentioned by 34 per cent of respondents.
From Intelligent Spas’ Female vs Male Spa Consumers report:
• Of those who stated they were likely to visit a resort spa, 46 per cent of females and 39 per cent of males said they would most likely choose a package of spa treatments during their next visit.
• 27 per cent of males stated they were most likely to choose a massage compared to 18 per cent of females.
• The spa’s signature treatment was the likely choice for 29 per cent of females and 17 per cent of males.