Small is beautiful

Hebridean Princess

When cruising on the Hebridean Spirit and Hebridean Princess, think elegant cocktail lounges, refined dinning rooms, sumptuous bedrooms, soothing spa treatment rooms and decks from which some of the most stunning views available can be enjoyed.

Not surprising then that Hebridean Spirit and Hebridean Princess are considered the ultimate in small, intimate and, of course, stylish cruise ships.
These unique cruise ships specialise in offering their guests an experience which epitomises old-style glamour and comfort. Friendly, yet discreet service; reassuringly transparent tariffs with no hidden extras; delicious and varied dinning options; and most importantly, between April and November 2005, the Hebridean Spirit will be cruising three seas and one ocean on an itinerary which takes its guests to some of the most dramatic and impressive locations on the globe. 
“For those who enjoy traveling in style, there surely is no greater mode of transportation than a cruise-liner,” said Jacqueline Campbell, managing director of The Travel Collection. “Passengers of the Hebridean Spirit can enjoy all the comforts of a five-star hotel and simultaneously visit a number of culturally and historically exciting destinations, which have witnessed so much more than the winds of time. It certainly beats touring Europe in a car!”
The Hebridean Spirit and the Hebridean Princess are justifiably proud of their description as ‘small cruise-liners’. The former accommodates up to 80 guests and the latter 49 and, as such, they offer an exclusivity and intimacy which is not often found on larger vessels.