DHL gives Porsche a smooth ride

Porsche supercars arrive in Bahrain

LOGISTICS solutions provider DHL recently moved some of the most high value freight it has ever handled, when it teamed up with Porsche Middle East to airlift two demonstration models from its luxury range of cars from Dubai to Bahrain.

The $480,000 load – a Carrera GT, Porsche’s ultimate supercar, and 911 Carrera S – was air freighted into Bahrain in time for an exclusive exhibition tour of the International Circuit in front of Porsche enthusiasts. The Bahrain demonstration was part of a Middle East roadshow by Porsche for which DHL masterminded the intra Middle East logistics.
Shamil Habib, DHL’s industrial development manager for the UAE, said, “The Porsche roadshow demonstrated again why DHL is the clear leader in complete logistics solutions. We offer tailor-made solutions, as we take full ownership of such projects. This partnership with Porsche was a case in point. We masterminded the entire logistics operation, ensuring the co-ordination and delivery of the cars for Porsche Middle East.” Once the cars arrived in Manama, DHL moved them to the Bahrain International Circuit where they were able to show their paces around the track.