Quote Hanger


“There is no denying the extent to which the team at Gulf Air has been challenged over the past year.”
— President and chief executive, Gulf Air, James Hogan

“We are committed to offering the lowest possible market fare at any given date to any particular
— Adel Ali, CEO Air Arabia

“We are not mugs. There is a difference between being civilised and being taken for a ride. There is widespread misuse.”
— British Health Secretary John Reid commenting on the British government’s crackdown on health tourism

“What a tragedy. But it’s not an indictment on the whales or the boats. It’s just a really rare accident. The industry has such a safe record.”
— James Coon, owner of Maui's Trilogy Excursions after a 3-year-old boy was killed on a whale-watching trip when a whale slapped its tail near the boat causing the boy to hit his head.