Global Tourism Film Festival launches in October

Global Tourism Film Festival (GTFF) is a world-first nomadic tourism film festival in support of tourism destinations and local economies dependent on tourism.

GTFF recognizes international filmmakers and audio-visual productions that fundamentally integrate and advance global destination awareness. Its activities include film industry workshops as well as seminars exploring sustainable tourism; inspiring audiences to take positive preservative action.

The 2021 GTFF Virtual Edition is produced in association and support of Netherlands Tourism.

The Mission of the Global Tourism Film Festival is to acknowledge and reward talented tourism filmmakers; to present the public films and productions about tourist destinations and products; to promote the latest trends in tourism film making; to incline the interest of the tourist business and production companies towards tourism film products and more.

A portion of the GTFF revenues will be shared with active foundations ready to advocate for sustainable tourism principles.

GTFF is produced by Canadian and US tourism and film industry leaders that have a demonstrated prominent background in Film and Tourism including appointment to regulatory commissions’ of film and tourism. In cooperation with the Radisson Hotels brand, one of the world’s leading hotel chains with over 1,500 hotel locations in 115 countries, GTFF aims to invite patrons to experience  first-hand some of the most enigmatic tourism destinations for upcoming festival editions.