New halal platform for travellers in the Maldives

Maldives Halal Travel was launched for the first time at ATM Dubai this year as a platform dedicated to attracting global Muslim travellers, especially from the Middle Easter. “This is a project we have partnered with Maldives promotion board, MMPRC and the Ministry of Tourism. Although Maldives is a 100 per cent Muslim country, we do not record significant inbound travel from Muslim destinations or the Middle East. In 2019, we recorded a little over 40,000 tourists from the region while direct flights accounted for 650,000 arrivals,” founder Dr Hussain Sunny Umar tells us. 

“Maldives is a luxury destination that gives unique joy and happiness to travellers. It might not be known to travellers that Maldives is a 100 per cent Muslim country and that our products are halal. If you consider a resort, there is the availability of halal food, halal toiletries, extreme privacy, Muslim/Arabic speaking staff, a mosque in almost all the resorts and so on. In fact, there are no criminal activities in resorts because of the strict reservations even for staff members entering the property. An amazing place for family travel.

“But we do not market Maldives from this angle. It is also important to note that although majority of aspects are halal, our resorts sell alcohol, serve pork and have bikini beaches and such. Both alcohol and pork are handled under strict measures by staff in a confined manner, it is segregated. Some resorts have different kitchens for halal and non-halal. For this reason, we have established 'Muslim Friendly Tourism Rating' that will assure what services provided are halal.”

This has been registered as the first Muslim Friendly Travel Rating with the ministry of tourism in the Maldives.