Hong Kong: Live it and love it

Hong Kong is looking to boost its image after SARS.

Visitors and local residents witnessed the Hong Kong premiere of a new television commercial starring Hong Kong Tourism Ambassador, Jackie Chan.

The television commercial is part of the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB)’s new global advertising campaign entitled ‘Hong Kong - Live it, Love it!’ that showcases the city’s diversified, exciting and multi-dimensional experiences.

Featuring television, radio, print, on-line and outdoor advertising worldwide, the campaign is designed for sustaining the tourism revival momentum, thereby strengthening Hong Kong’s position as one the world’s most popular destinations.

At the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, the chief secretary of the Hong Kong SAR, Donald Tsang; HKTB chairman, Selina Chow, and Jackie Chan performed the ceremony to launch the new integrated advertising campaign.

‘Live it’ is an invitation to visitors to experience Hong Kong to the fullest, and ‘Love it’ means that visitors will fall in love with the destination, as so many of them do.
HKTB chairman Selina Chow said that after 12 weeks of consolidated efforts by the government, the local and overseas travel trade and the community at large, the tourism industry had staged a recovery that had surpassed the most optimistic expectations. “The provisional arrival figures for August show that Hong Kong welcomed an astonishing 1.64 million visitors during the month, which represents a return to positive year-on-year growth of about 9.6 per cent.

“We are very delighted with both the customer and trade response to the first phase of our global tourism revival campaign - the Hong Kong Welcomes You! promotion - which has helped lure back early arrivals with irresistible travel offers, special attractions and privileges. To ensure that the recovery can be sustained and to reinforce Hong Kong’s long-term image as the most preferred Asian destination, we are now launching the new global advertising campaign building on the marketing theme: ‘Hong Kong - Live it, Love it!’,” Chow explained.

With the launch of the campaign, the HKTB moves into the second phase of its Global Tourism Revival Campaign that aims at achieving a sustained revival by creating non-stop excitement for visitors and providing a solid platform for the travel trade to package and promote Hong Kong.

The campaign is an integrated advertising campaign. The HKTB will roll out the campaign worldwide, spearheaded by visits to New York and San Francisco in the United States by Tsang and the HKTB chairman.

Over the coming weeks, the HKTB will screen the commercial in various key source markets including the United States, UK, Australia, Canada, Mainland China, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Japan and Korea to achieve sustained publicity for Hong Kong.

The television commercial will be supported by integrated consumer marketing programmes in major markets, PR promotions, a series of road shows, and trade activities in key cities.

The television commercial starring Jackie Chan takes an emotional approach and focuses on visitors’ interaction with the community.
Featuring the vibrant and sensational lifestyle in the city, the commercial begins with the sun rising over the spectacular skyline and people preparing for a brand new day. As the commercial progresses, visitors are seen interacting with local residents in a warm and friendly manner at various Hong Kong attractions and experiencing the distinctive local lifestyle.

Jackie plays host in the television commercial and invites visitors worldwide to come to Hong Kong to enjoy the unique and memorable experiences the city has to offer.
To sense its energy and vitality, to feel the warmth and hospitality of its people, to see the diversity of its attractions and cultures, to taste the wide array of its international and Chinese cuisines, to get the joy and satisfaction from its amazing shopping, and to live life to the fullest, all of which will make visitors fall in love with the city.

To create non-stop excitement for visitors and strengthen Hong Kong’s position as the Events Capital of Asia, the HKTB will stage a series of mega-events from now until next March.

This month, the HKTB will stage the Hong Kong International Musical Fireworks Competition, the first of its kind in Asia.

Following the competition will be the Hong Kong WinterFest from November to early January and the International Chinese New Year Night Parade early next year.