Hotel revamps auditorium

The Fairmont Dubai

With adaptability being the key to business success, the Fairmont’s already impressive auditorium venue has been given a new lease of life following a simple change in set-up, implemented earlier this year. 

Internal discussions and client feedback meetings has resulted in the removal of all seating in the auditorium, a key part of the 33rd floor executive conference centre offering which  originally housed 224 fixed auditorium seats. The venue has now re-emerge as a blank event canvas with multiple usage possibilities.

Year on year, figures for the period February to July show a 193 per cent increase in business, clearly justifying the change.

As Sarah Porteous, director of conference, services points out: “We have gone from a classic auditorium set-up, which sold well in itself, to a more practical venue that is fast developing a reputation as the destination for innovative product launches, press conferences and charity events.  The room has fabulous rear-screen projection capability as well as excellent acoustics and our clients love the ‘wow’ factor of the panoramic views out over the Gulf.”

The contemporary feel of the 33rd floor, from its bright, modern auditorium to the ‘winter garden’ setting of the summit dining area and 18 meeting rooms has impressed not only major FMCG brands but also the organisers of Dubai 2003, with the entire floor used as the venue for the recent media launch event and attended by the city’s top decision makers. 

The venue is equally in demand for evening events, offering a memorable dinner location perched high above the lights of the city. 

Guest feedback has been positive, adds Porteous. “Clients familiar with the venue from the beginning have been delighted with the change and we have seen a definite increase in repeat business.”