Evok Hotels announces a new literary prize

Evok Hotels has launched the first Evok Literary Award, in partnership with Tristane Banon, who has been a novelist for 20 years, and Emmanuelle de Boysson, a novelist and culture journalist who has founded several literary prizes.

The Evok Literary Award is a radical step for a hospitality company, off the beaten path. This award will recognise the best summer book in the French literary circles. A book that must have obvious literary qualities, but also fit that very special state of mind that goes with the summer season. Evok has chosen a selection of diverse award members that will change from one year to the next, made up of 12 people from the world of culture and media and across all forms of the arts.

During a first meeting of the jury, six novels published during the year and previously selected will be presented and given to the committee. After a little over a month of reading, deliberation will take place, followed by the award ceremony on May 27, 2020 in the Suzanne Suite of the Brach Hotel, the second Evok hotel, designed by Philippe Starck.