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Capella cares for community
July 2019 4464

CAPELLA Hotels & Resorts, exemplifying ‘excellence in the craft of hospitality’, has launched a new educational and environmental programme, of which Capella Ubud is a leading example. The series of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities aim to prepare their colleagues and communities for professional futures, meet increasing consumer desire for travel experiences that resonate on a deeper, more authentic level, and deliver meaningful guest experiences. The brand aims to educate not only colleagues of the Capella family, but also local communities.

 To empower colleagues of the Capella family, all of them are given extensive tuition – from cultural training by local touristic associations to immersion in storytelling skills. This creates pathways for guest immersion into local communities’ rich cultural heritage and traditions.

To support the local community, Capella Ubud’s new ‘English for a Brighter Future’ initiative – recently launched in its neighbouring Keliki village – offers three months of English classes to local children and youth in exchange for collections of discarded plastic bottles. Proceeds from recycling of the discarded plastic are reintroduced into the community through further educational initiatives, such as the purchase of school books.

Nicholas Clayton, CEO of the hotel group, comments: “Our brand is inspired by ‘Capella’, the sixth-brightest binary star in our sky, which represents the symbiotic connection between our hotels and our guests. Education means helping to build a strong sense of community for a sustainable future, and making a difference in the lives of the local children, our colleagues and our guests.”

Mark Swinton, general manager of Capella Ubud, comments: “Education is such a gift; we want to empower local children by providing the opportunity to advance their English proficiency. Language skills are absolutely vital for people living in a tourist destination such as Bali. Being able to teach English, and emphasising the importance of recycling plastic, is sending a powerful message to our neighbours. This goes beyond education, it impacts future livelihoods on our much beloved island.” 

The ‘English for a Brighter Future’ undertaking started last year, shortly after the property opened their doors, and has involved 30 children between 12 and 13 years in the local school of Keliki.

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