Region plans $30 billion in hotels by 2023

The recently concluded Arabian Hotel Investment Conference (AHIC) 2019 has released the second annual AHIC Hotel Investment Forecast, which reveals that close to $30 billion worth of hotel construction contracts will be awarded in the Middle East and North Africa between now and 2023.

According to the research, which was conducted by Meed Projects in Q4 2018, hotel development is most active in the UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, making these the markets to watch in 2019.

Ed James, director of content and analysis at leading projects tracking service, MEED Projects, said: “More than 800 new hotels worth in excess of $44 billion have been built over the past seven years in the Middle East and North Africa, as the region benefits from increased visitor numbers, new world-class tourist attractions and investment in transport infrastructure.

“Leading the way in this tourism drive has been the UAE, with more than $20 billion worth of hotel construction contracts awarded since 2012. This total is more than double the amount awarded in the second-highest country, Saudi Arabia, which saw just over $10 billion worth of hotel deals awarded in the same timeframe,” said James.
According to the AHIC Hotel Investment Forecast, the levels of investment show no signs of slowing.

“Just under $30 billion worth of hotels are due to be awarded in the region over the next five years,” revealed James.

“The UAE again leads the way with almost $11 billion worth of planned and un-awarded hotel projects, including The Address Harbour Point, MGM Resorts and Warner Bros hotels in Dubai, and Marriott Resort Ras al-Khaimah, to name but a few.”

He continued: “Egypt, which has a long-established tourism sector, is the second largest future market with just over $4 billion worth of hotel projects. It is followed closely by Saudi Arabia at $ 3.9 billion.”