JA Resorts & Hotels ups its game

JA Resorts & Hotels, one of Dubai’s longest-serving homegrown hospitality brands, announced 10 new restaurants will open in its properties, alongside four collaborations with international chefs of Michelin star acclaim. JA Resorts & Hotels revealed plans to expand the portfolio of 8 distinct properties across the UAE and Indian Ocean, with the addition of two luxury lodges providing a total of 60 rooms. The brand also announced it is expanding into China this year, in a joint venture, which will see at least 30 Big Bed hotels by 2034 and at least three JA branded properties in the coming years.

CEO of JA Resorts & Hotels, Anthony Ross said, “We are targeting 27 per cent of China’s population, the ‘ba ling hou’ and the ‘jiu ling hou’ - the millennials and our objective is to have 30 Big Bed hotels by 2034 and at least three JA branded properties. It is an ambitious year of growth and change, but we are ready for it. Our owners are extremely supportive, our team is poised and ready and we are working with the right partners for success.’


JA Resorts & Hotels cites its food and beverage vision as ‘creating community-focused restaurants providing one-of-a-kind experiences that energise everyone, with an enthusiastic welcome, exceptional service, awesome food, killer tunes and an unforgettable time, resulting in profitable restaurants’. 

New vice president of food & beverage at JA Resorts & Hotels, Rob Cunningham said: “Our fundamental belief is that the food and beverage outlets of any hotel are what provide the character and energy of the property. These restaurants can define the personality of the hotel, if they are attractive and exciting to the local community. We are on a journey to creating unique and memorable F&B outlets for our consumers.”

JA Resorts & Hotels have announced it will be expand its portfolio to 41 outlets, adding 10 new restaurants and bars by the end of 2020. Seven of these outlets are in JA The Resort and this is a critical part of repositioning JA The Resort and establishing it as Dubai’s Largest Experience Resort, with over 1 million square metres of activities available and three unique hotels to choose from.

Celebrity chef partnerships include Kinara by Vikas Khanna, a vibrant Indian restaurant by Michelin star acclaimed chef Vikas Khanna; Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen; Da Dong Roast Duck; and Chef Greg Malouf.




JA Resorts & Hotels also revealed plans to expand the portfolio of eight distinct properties across the UAE and Indian Ocean, with the addition of two luxury lodges providing a total of 60 rooms. One luxury lodge will be in the Serengeti National Park and the other in the Ngorogoro Conservency.

In partnership with Novel International Group, a Shanghai investment fund, JA Resorts & Hotels is forming JA Novel Hospitality China, and through this partnership will be acquiring buildings to be retrofitted, renovated or completed as hotels in two distinctions. The first is upper upscale hotels which will be branded as JA Hotels and the second segment will be upper midscale lifestyle hotels branded as ‘Big Bed by JA’.

For the upper upscale hotels, the company is currently exploring three property options in two destinations and another five to six areas in the coming years. The vision for the Big Bed brand or Dà chuáng in Chinese, is to roll out 30 units by 2024 – spread across various cities in China.

JA Resorts & Hotels considers expansion into China an unmissable opportunity. The population of China is 1.4 billion – making it the world’s most populous country and accounting for 18 per cent of the world population. Millennials in particular, represent 415 million consumers, privileged and informed consumers with high purchasing power. They are also savvy, educated and passionate about travel.

The Big Bed or Dà chuáng will be a lifestyle hotel brand for Chinese millennials that incorporates technology into every touch point and is very contemporary in style, featuring street art and vibrant colours. The three-key room features will be a big, super comfortable bed, large screen with super-fast interactive connectivity and a sleek, practical bathroom with a rain shower. The size of the rooms will be around 20 square metres with an open closet, open bathroom and arty but simplistic millennial design. The hotels will have minimal public space but several areas to hang around, connect with each other, eat or work. With no reception desks, an app will provide access to all hotel services from door key, to ordering food.

JA Resorts & Hotels are now in the final stages of brand design and expect to be ready by July, working with world renowned brand specialists who have launched multiple niche players in the market successfully.