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The rise of vacation rental
August 2018 1199

With a majority of tourists looking for enhanced experiences, the hospitality industry is witnessing a revolution in the form of a short-term vacation rental. Whether an apartment, house, or room in a local's home, the vacation rental is a popular alternative to a hotel, especially for tourists who plan to settle in one location for several nights. 

While prices and options for apartment and house rental vary depending on the season, size, location and quality of the accommodation, some of the main reasons guests choose a rented apartment over another alternative is because of its affordability, luxury and privacy.

Short-term vacation rentals not only offer more value for the money spent, but also serve as a common area to meet and socialise. While some of the properties offer all luxuries in one place, such properties also offer flexibility in terms of space, and guest’s specific preferences or needs. Check-in times can be negotiated, as well as bringing pets, and kitchen facilities are at full disposal enabling families to feel at home, yet away from home.


“Vacation renting is like flying a private jet versus a commercial airline. It’s a more personal and bespoke experience rather than a cookie cutter approach”



While short-term vacation rental is a great option for families who want to experience luxurious living, it is also picking up well with couples who seek privacy to spend quality time with each other. These rental properties offer complete freedom to choose when to meet or socialise with other people, and help couples stay away from crowded areas as pools and restaurants.

As these properties provide more facilities than a hotel - from full kitchens and laundry facilities to gardens or extras in some cases with all the local neighbourhood amenities nearby, a short-term vacation rental is also become a major hit with solo individuals who prefer an affordable staying option. Vacation rental properties allow travellers to live in and experience areas that aren’t tourist attractions, and with basic requirements well in place, this form of property is ideal for solo individuals who want to experience the city as a local and not a tourist.

The short-term vacation rental provides more space and a higher quality for the same money as the equivalent number of hotel rooms to bedrooms. Many business owners prefer to rent an apartment these days for the several facilities that come along with renting an apartment. From study to work spaces, most of these homes are equipped with basic amenities as printer, stationary, courier services or any other requests which can be accommodated. Offering access for meetings and all things related to work, the short-term vacation rental is suitable for all types of pockets.

Such properties are also a great option for friends looking to send time with one another. Sharing a room with friends can help students or youngsters find a price that's lower than the going rate for hotels, while offering them a space to hang out until the wee hours of morning.

Vacation renting is like flying a private jet versus a commercial airline. It’s a more personal and bespoke experience rather than a cookie cutter approach. Hence, it’s a good idea to rent an apartment when you’re on a vacation, but it is often recommended to opt for apartments through reputed companies in the region. When you work with a company, they advise you on the best homes and prices for your particular length of stay. So the next time you plan a vacation, manage your stay with a rental apartment to weave in some memorable experiences.

* The writer is COO of BNBME, a short-term home management company

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