BA defends measures to curb air rage incidents


British Airways' Bahrain country manager Jane Bishop has assured travellers that the airline would follow strict guidelines before grounding air rage suspects.

"Decisions to off-load passengers from flights are not taken lightly but following careful consideration involving a number of people. Sometimes, where necessary, the cabin crew and flight crew will be consulted," she said in response to a recent letter in the Gulf Daily News complaining against measures planned by BA to curb air rage incidents.

"When you are 35,000 feet in the air, violence threatens not only the person but hundreds of lives.

"We will continue to support measures to protect our staff and customers and strengthen the power of the world-wide criminal justice system."

The reader, A Salmonson, in his letter to the newspaper pointed out that calling passengers disruptive was "incredibly vague and leaves all travellers vulnerable to being branded as abusive if they so much as open their mouths".