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Vibe for social media addicts
June 2018 763

Addicted to social media? Book a break in Italy. Aiming to combat the rise of social media addiction, as well as a myriad of other psychological issues associated with our virtual worlds, such as sleep deprivation, anxiety and depression, a new Italian rehabilitation centre in Tuscany, Vibe, is on a mission to help.

Led by clinical director, Dr Stephen Sideroff, PhD, an internationally recognised expert in addiction, neuro-feedback and alternative approaches to stress and mental health, the centre combines the benefits of Eastern and Western medicine to deliver individualised treatment packages for complex psychological issues.

“With an estimated 13 per cent year-on-year growth of global internet users and a recent study showing 88 per cent of the Middle East’s population engage on social media, it’s inevitably leading to a rise in social media addicts,” said Dr Sideroff.

“At the very least, saturated users are at risk of damaging their circadian rhythm or succumbing to social anxiety disorders.” 

Delivered by a team of experts with traditional Western clinical experience as well as practitioners of ancient Eastern remedies, the centre treats in-patients in a safe, controlled and positive environment for all manner of conditions including depression, addiction, anxiety, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, compulsive behaviours, stress and burn-out.

Added Dr Sideroff: “Each programme is created to suit the individual, where they will have one to one sessions with our clinical team and work side by side with powerful Sufis, Buddhist monks, Yoga teachers and Tai Qi masters. 

Vibe is the brainchild of Claudio Marianti di Pergola, a former investment banker with numerous major global financial institutions, who has made it his mission to create a one of a kind therapeutic model which delivers traditional mental health therapies supported by complementary medicines.

“We have helped a number of patients since we opened Vibe in October 2017,” said Claudio.

Located 40 minutes’ drive from Rome International Airport, Vibe has become the go to destination for those in need of overcoming addictions.   

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