Dollar to go paperless

Dollar, one of the fastest growing car rental companies in the region, has invested into the latest technology to be able to provide a paperless car rental experience to customers, which is nearly completed for implementation across its 26 outlets in the UAE.

“At Dollar, we continue to invest in technology to be able to adapt to the changing needs of our customers. We are proud to announce that our paperless solution for car rental is nearly complete and have been implemented across 80 per cent of our services,” says Marwan Al Mulla, Dollar General Manager for UAE and Oman, adding, “this innovative concept is created to cater to customers who are looking for quicker, efficient and modern process. In addition, this initiative will also protect the environment which is part of our business practice.”

The new system will offer a digital rental agreement which will be emailed to the customer, resulting to efficient and paperless system. Dollar will roll out the plan this year across all of its outlets in the UAE and can be accessed by customers through their electronic gadgets, smart phones or through Dollar’s website.

In addition, Dollar is currently testing a wi-fi device that customers can use instead of a GPS when visiting the UAE. The device can connect up to five gadgets, allowing families or groups to enjoy a hassle-free drive.

* Dollar is available on stand CR2440